…and so my life has changed…

It’s been a while, huh?
I have some really good reasons for putting the blog on the back burner:
Miscarriage & Surgery
Separation & Divorce
Learning to live more independantly
Loving life with my kiddos

I have things to write about each of those upheavals, but for today, we’ll talk about art!
And the Renaissance Faire. :)

The business has been growing — so much so, that I almost can’t keep up with everything!
Etsy sales are flowing in, and I have another wholesale account in the works (I will definitely link up, once things are official). This week alone, I’ve had four or five international orders. It blows my mind to see my products going all over the world!

And, Christmas is coming. I’ve got to say…I’m a little worried. Last year was a huge success — but also very overwhelming. This year, I can’t hope to produce as much, being on my own, so I’m trying to decide how to handle it all. I want to enjoy the Christmas season with my kids. I want to make cookies with them. I want to decorate our home. I want to do nice things for other people. And I want to be able to relax when my family comes to visit.

I know a lot of shops will go into “vacation mode” on Etsy. It’s something I may consider if things get too nuts. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve also been wanting to get back in to pottery. Or painting. Or writing “The Adventures of Liam and Bean.” Sometimes, running a shop is mostly production work (Beatles spoons, again?), and I miss the creativity needed for new projects.

This past weekend, I was at the PA Renaissance Faire. I wish I could live there. heheh I always feel refreshed, creatively, after I’ve gone. It was Bean’s first time. She freaked out when I tried to put a peasant-sort-of-dress on her, so I grabbed my bag of pirate costumes, and put my old vest on her. It looked like a little dress. She loved it so much, that she slept in it later that night, too…and cried when I wouldn’t let her wear it to church the next day.

This is her watching the joust — cheering with all her might. :)

a natural reaction to knights on horseback

a natural reaction to knights on horseback

I’ve got to admit…I’m really excited that she was so into it!
Liam liked it, too, but he wasn’t cheering.

Anyway, that’s the brief update. I’ve been asked to join the Worldwide Creative Blog Hop, so that’ll be coming up soon, too.
Now, go do something that makes you smile. :)

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