A Unique Answer to Prayer. And Mario.

Eventhough I have a psychotic amount of production work to be doing, I thought it was important to write this post really quickly.

Yesterday morning, I was praying that I would find a way to get more work done…whether that be help from family, or available babysitters, or lucky napping times for the kids…whatever!

In-between classes at church, I noticed an old school desk with a free sign on it. (I used to have a desk similar to this when I was little — it’s actually where I started doing my Beatles drawings when I got serious about artwork!) Immediately, I could picture Liam sitting at this desk in my art room — occupying himself with playdough or crayons. I knew this was a unique answer to my prayer from earlier!

When I got closer…someone had a note on it that they would pick it up. BUT! When they found out I would be interested if they changed their mind, they said I could take it home! :)

No lie…THREE HOURS. Liam sat there for two hours straight, and then another hour later…playing with his playdough cups. Bean even hung out for a while — playing with spoons.

I was able to get a good start on some shirts for a friend. I’d made her son a Mario shirt for his birthday a couple of months ago, and she wanted matching ones for her other sons. I can’t wait to see all of them together with their shirts! :)

Bean and Liam -- occupied for HOURS

Bean and Liam — occupied for HOURS

Mushroom Shirts

Mushroom Shirts

Ronan and his Mario Shirt

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