You’re a Wizard, John Lennon!

Wait… What?

John Lennon / Harry Potter

John Lennon / Harry Potter

Ahhh, yeah (yeah, yeah)!

Okay, so this might seem a bit creepy to some of you.

Why does she have a John Lennon doll?

And why does it have a Harry Potter costume?

Great questions! I bought the John Lennon doll when I was around 12 at a Beatlefest in Chicago.

Obsession runs deep.

My friend, Jen (another Beatlemaniac), made that Harry Potter costume (it was for a rabbit, which had the glasses, too).

It’s John Lennon’s birthday today. And Halloween is coming.

And I have a new Harry Potter Teething Ring to announce!

From the listing:

Harry Potter-inspired Baby Teether! With the Golden Snitch

You remember how Harry caught his first snitch, don’t you?
He nearly swallowed it!

When your baby joins the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, they can catch the snitch in their mouth, too, with this awesome teething ring.

Fantastic Halloween costume addition, or incredible stocking stuffer.
I promise. :)

Harry Potter Teether

Harry Potter Teether

Me in my FAVORITE shirt!

Me in my FAVORITE shirt!

So today is just one, big, golden ball of awesome. Heh.

PS – I got this shirt on eBay. For $5.00! It even says, “Potter” on the back. Here are the random strangers who have come up to me because they love it so much: (1) A little boy in Wal-Mart (I love him!) (2) Lady who worked at Staples (3) Possibly drunk man at the Bloomsburg Fair (4) Graying gentleman at the Fair.

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