Giggle While You Work

If you don’t know me, I’m a huge Beatles fan. If you do, then you know that’s an understatement (seriously…you have no idea).

Now that we’re all friends, you can imagine how excited I was to get a wholesale order from Grassroots with some new design requests — I was finally getting a chance to make those John Lennon and Paul McCartney Celeb Spoons that have been in my brain for forever!

(Here’s part of the order, so that you have a visual.)
Celeb Spoons
(They can be purchased here.)

Then, it happened. I started laughing to myself. This is not something new. It happens all. the. time.

This is why:
Lennon McCartney Spoons

Yep. I pictured that in my head and decided to go with it. I’m even laughing a little now (yes, out loud. lol.).

It’s in reference to a non-recent argument about whose name should come first on the Beatles songs that John and Paul wrote together. Historically, Lennon/McCartney is what you get. Paul challenged that a few years back, and I’m not sure what the outcome was (if you feel like googling it, feel free to let me know what happened in the comments).

For another dose of giggling, here’s this. I couldn’t handle it.
Duck Dynasty Spoons
(Duck Dynasty spoons are here.)

What makes you laugh? What stupid thoughts have you rolled with, just to share with others?

Let me know — I could use another laugh!

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